How to paraphrase text using the android app: 4 recommended paraphrasers

How to paraphrase text using the android app: 4 recommended paraphrasers

Rephrasing and rewording the text or content is known as paraphrasing. The process of paraphrasing is called “Paraphrasis”. The original thought of the content should remain in contact but the words should be changed to avoid the title of copied text.

Using the paraphrasing technique you will not be guilty of copyrights violation and will not be charged for it. Sometimes paraphrased content becomes more convincing and clear.

In the modern world, rewording is not to read the text several times and rewrite it yourself. It consumes so much time and energy. With the changing time, technology has taken over the world.

This technology has brought to us various apps and software to get our work done. Keeping this in mind, we also have some remarkable paraphrasers to reword our content.

Why these paraphrasing tools instead of writing in your own words? 

Most importantly, time is money. Right? Then why don’t save it? Paraphrasers can do your task in a matter of seconds while saving your time. These apps not only offer you paraphrasing rather many of them provides you other features like grammar and spelling checks.

Paraphrasing tools edit your text in a way to bring in quality web traffic. It will automatically help in the growth of your business.

Paraphrasers use some great word alternatives and tone that will provide you good enough content for SEO.

Rewriting apps will provide you an opportunity to have strong content for email marketing. Even for any kind of digital marketing. Strong and good content can build a strong trust and communication relationship between you and customers.

These tools or apps not only reword your content but also make it concise and make phrases more attractive.

Paraphrasers make your content influential:

Rewriting the entire content in your own words to create a unique outcome. Even after writing it many times 100% uniqueness and quality are not guaranteed. So, here comes the role of paraphrasers.

They make it possible for you to achieve more powerful and unique content. Different brands provide you different paraphrasing apps.

These apps are perfect for students, teachers, and even professional writers.

Check some paraphrasing apps for android:

1. iParaphrase:

This app which is provided to you by brand iParaphrase allows you to rehash the content while making it unique and readable. The authenticity and accuracy of the text are being provided by iParaphrase. The originality of your content will not be missed and meanings will remain the same.

To improve the language skills and vocabulary of the user iParaphrase uses accurate synonyms. Artificial intelligence keeps an eye on grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

It eliminates any error found in the text. To make your content more reliable it offers you a suggestion for synonyms and sentences.

2. Prepostseo paraphrasing app:

Searching for a reliable and user-friendly app is not easy to find on the Google app store. Prepostseo paraphrasing app is one of the most reliable app on the playstore.

It is not only well-known for its paraphrasing tool but it’s a whole set of great features. This app replaces the words with the most accurate and effective synonyms. It also makes sure that your content is not plagiarised.

3. Paraphraser: reword your text:

Oneof the best-rated paraphrasing app to help you is by brand Paraphraser: reword your text. You can access and utilize this app anywhere and anytime from your smartphone. It will assist you in rewriting your text within few seconds.

It has no limit to the number of words and the length of text, it is an amazing thing.

This app does not only helps you with rewording but offers you more features also. It has a plagiarism checker, grammar reviewer and you can save your file in different formats. The plagiarism checker of this app will show you the websites from where your text would be copied. This app will check the grammar and spelling mistakes to remove them and to make your content high quality. The most admirable feature that we cant skip to talk about is the redo and undo button. This feature makes it convenient for you to use this app.

4. SpinnerCMS – Article Paraphrase and Rewriter

This is article spinner and rewriter which do not offer you many side features. It is particularly meant for paraphrasing only. It requires you to paste the text that needs to be paraphrased. After that, it starts processing for rewording. After few seconds you will get your regenerated sentences. To use that text anywhere just click and copy it.

This app has 3 options, one lightest is free of cost. The other 2 options are paid and provide more advanced changes and results. But the only thing that hinders is that even in paid version there is a limit to the words.

5. Article rewriter and spinner

This article rewriter app has great technology with high-quality features. It does not only offers you paraphrasing but many other attributes also.  An extensive synonyms generator and comprehensive sentence rephrase make this app outstanding.

The results you get through this app are plagiarism-free as well as strong enough for SEO to rank higher. You can change one single article more than one time and it will apply different words to it. It will also change the structure of phrases and sentences. Ultimately you will get different unique versions of the same article.


The apps that are mentioned above are all very helpful to rehash your content into something new and unique. They help you avoid uploading and publishing plagiarized content on your sites. They are user-friendly and available to you 24/7 because they can are present on your android phones.

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