How To Root Android Without Computer 2023

Rooting is the process of taking complete control of the operating system of the phone. It has another term jailbreaking. When you learn how to root an Android phone, then you can obtain the privileges to handle all the activities related to the device’s OS. You can install, or uninstall any programs despite authorization. By rooting the gadget, you can remove the OS constraints related to software uploads and downloads. It eases in use of the device according to the requirements and convenience.

In this article, you will acquire insights about rooting a phone and the best ways to perform it without using a PC. Connect with this article to explore a detailed study on this topic.

android rooting

What is Rooting a Phone? What Does Rooted Mean on a Phone?

As you already know that rooting is a jailbreaking process where you are allowed to perform any activities on the phone. Overcoming the OS restrictions, you can make any software uploads without hesitation. Download your favorite games in the Play Store and get access to websites and software as per your needs. Get complete access on your phone and do whatever you want in the absence of device interruptions.

When you jailbreak a phone, the safety features are at high risk. It creates loopholes for hackers and attackers to threaten your device when connected to the online space. Due to its easy accessibility, it becomes prey to online attackers. Safety features become a serious issue when you jailbreak a system for other purposes.

Before rooting the phone do not forget the below preparations in advance.

  • Back up your files because sometimes there can be a data loss during the rooting process and you may lose crucial business data.
  • Charge your device almost full to avoid interruptions during the rooting process.
  • Learn about your phone information before the rooting process to decide which rooting method suits your device model.
  • Enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking options.
  • Choose the right tool to root your device hassle-free.

These are the preparations before rooting a phone and following them without fail.

rooting preparation

Easiest Way to Root Android Without Computer – KingRoot

KingRoot is one of the methods to root the Android phone. When you root the phone, you establish a custom ROM to replace the Android OS and unlock the bootloader. The process of unlocking the bootloader is slightly difficult and you can perform it using efficient applications in the digital space without the PC assistance.

Soon after the rooting process, you can check your device using the Root Checker app to know whether the phone is successfully rooted by providing admin controls to the users. This action ruins the warranty and other associated attributes concerning the device.

kingroot app

The stepwise instructions to root Android phone using KingRoot without the PC interruptions.

Step 1: Download the King Root app on your phone and install it by following the on-screen instructions.
Step 2: Launch the app and hit the One Click Root button to trigger the rooting action. Wait until the rooting progresses on the phone.

one click root

Step 3: Soon after the successful completion of the rooting process, you will receive a message Rooted Successfully.

king root

These steps ensure the Android phone is rooted successfully using the KingRoot app in the absence of a PC. It is an easy process and you can perform it after completing the prior preparations of the rooting process.

Best Free Apps that Root Android Without PC

In this section, you will be learning about four different applications that aid in rooting the device hassle-free. Surf these apps and get a better understanding of the phone rooting techniques.

1. Magisk Root

Root the phone using the Magisk Manager module. It is a mods manager that allows you to root the device using a unified interface. Before implementing this technique ensure you have unlocked the bootloader. The advantage of using this rooting system is that you can reverse the root at any time and make it happen automatically. This enables you to run the apps on your phone using the active root permission. Users with prior Android knowledge will be able to handle this tool precisely.

magisk rooting

2. Framaroot App

It is a one-click root application where you can install the Superuser and launch multiple exploits during quick rooting. Download the app and open it on your mobile followed by Menu -> Choose and install Superuser and select the exploits for rooting the mobile phone. Similarly, unroot the device by tapping the Dropdown menu -> Unroot -> choose exploits to unroot.

frama root

3. RootMaster

Another interesting rooting app that helps to root your Android phone hassle-free. This app is compatible with all Android versions and follows up one-click rooting method. It has a simple interface and does not require a PC to perform the rooting action. The RootMaster enables you to remove the bloatware on your phone. Install the app on your device and run the rooting processing by tapping the Start button. The device reboots many times during the rooting procedure. After the successful rooting process, you can perform the desired task on the phone as an admin.

root master

4. One-Click Root

The One Click Root app helps you to root the phone effortlessly. When you root the phone, it boosts the device’s performance and battery life. You can also use many applications without any ads. Finally, you are allowed to install any software on your phone unconditionally. To use this rooting app, first, purchase from its official webpage and choose the time to root. You can also perform remote rooting under the guidance of Android experts. Moreover, the process is reversible and does not require any technical knowledge.

one click root app

Bonus Tips: Remote Control Your Android Without Jailbreak

Here is an incredible app that establishes complete control of another gadget in remote mode. The AirDroid Personal application helps to perform a wide range of operations remotely on the device. This app enables remote control access without rooting the target phone.

The incredible functionalities of the AirDroid application

  • Controls and monitors the other gadgets in remote mode even without rooting it.
  • Enables the users to transfer files between virtually connected devices.
  • Use this app to screen mirror and get the images in a bigger view that adds comfort.
  • The simple interface aids the users to make the best out of this app effortlessly.
  • Does not require technical skills to work on this app.

These are the mind-blowing functionalities of the AirDroid Personal application. You can connect with this app to discover stunning applications to perform between the devices.

airdroid app

Step 1. Download and install the AirDroid app on both devices and sign in to the AirDroid account.

Step 2. Allow the app to access essential features of the devices by authenticating the permission messages.

Step 3. Next, on your PC, open the dashboard of your AirDroid account and select the Telescope icon on the left panel of the screen.

Step 4. Choose your phone from the suggested lists and select the Remote-Control option on the right side of the screen.

Now, you have successfully established a remote control between a PC and phone without rooting the gadget.

airdroid remote control

Final Words

Thus, this article had given enough insights on how to root an Android phone. You are in the last lines of the discussion on this topic. Choose the desired method to perform the rooting procedure in your device. The AirDroid Personal app offers a wide range of operations on the gadget hassle-free. Connect with this tool and make the best out of rooting and connectivity between the gadgets.

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