Where to Download Android apps other than Google Play

Most Android users install applications through the Google Play store. But what if your device doesn’t have it? Most often, this issue is faced by the owners of smartphones Huawei and Honor, who have lost Google services due to US sanctions. But there are other manufacturers whose gadgets do not offer the usual set of programs.

In recent years, Google has tightened the certification requirements for Android smartphones. Without the approval of the IT giant, companies cannot use Google services, which entails inconvenience for users. In 2018, Meizu, Xiaomi, and Lenovo faced this.

Then the companies managed to quickly agree, but smaller manufacturers do not always fulfill Google’s requirements: many of them are focused only on the Chinese market, where American services do not work. However, our compatriots take such models because of the low price, and for them, the lack of Google Play may become a problem.

Fortunately, one of the advantages of Android is that you can install programs from any source: you just need to download the APK file to your smartphone and unpack it. We’ve prepared a list of places where you can easily get the Android apps you need.

1. Aptoide

Screenshot: Aptoide

The second-largest Android app store after Google Play. The range includes almost a million programs. Among them are Russian products, such as VKontakte and Russian Post. The marketplace also has enough big game titles like Asphalt and PUBG Mobile.

Among the shortcomings – security problems: recently, the data of 20 million Aptoide users were posted on the Web.

Aptoide →

2. APKPure

Where to download Android apps
Screenshot: APKPure

One of the most popular third-party stores with a convenient search and division of programs into categories. Some apps that you have to pay for on Google Play are offered here for free. Another plus is the ability to download programs that are not available for your region in the Google marketplace.

APKPure →

3. SlideMe

Where to download Android apps: SlideMe
Screenshot: SlideMe

SlideMe does not require registration to install free software, but for purchases, you will have to install your own marketplace application called SAM. There are many interesting products in the assortment because the store attracts independent developers with a low commission. By the way, there is support for the PayPal payment system, which Google Play does not know how to work with.

SlideMe →

4. GetJar

Where to download Android apps: GetJar
Screenshot: GetJar

There are over a million apps available in the store. You can download them to your smartphone both through the corporate client and from the mobile version of the site. The main disadvantage of the site is the abundance of advertising. Well, at least it comes from Google, not dubious sources. It is also worth considering that you will not be able to download APK files to your computer, the download is carried out only on smartphones.

GetJar →

5. F‑Droid

Where to download Android apps

Screenshot: F ‑ Droid

One of the safest third-party marketplaces. All applications are scanned for malicious code by a special algorithm jointly developed by experts from Yale University and Exodus. However, this scrupulous approach to security has a downside: the range in the F-Droid is rather meager and amounts to about 10 thousand programs.

F ‑ Droid →

6. XDA Developers

Where to download Android apps

Screenshot: XDA Developers

The largest community of mobile developers. In addition to a platform for communication, XDA has an extensive library of programs, and the user can take part in alpha and beta testing of new products. There is also an XDA Labs app where you can either buy software or download your own. At the same time, no commission is charged from developers.

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